Drive Your Business Forward

Use our powerful Business Intelligence System to manage your business and advanced client insights to determine the success and efficiency of your clients.

Advanced Program Builder

Our program builder goes beyond just the million items and exercises for input. It provides analytics for the built-in plan to help you determine if the program meets the targeted goal.

Easy-to-digest muscle group target charts for training plans to determine the amonut of focus on a particular muscle group. Helping to fix potential weak muscles for a better balanced and healthier body.


SolidFit Cutting Edge Technology

Food Recognition
  • Planning

    Planning is the key to success when reaching your fitness goals. So many apps don’t factor in the planning and expect you to just log with hopes to reach your targets.

Personal Developed Modal
  • Execution

    Execute your plan and become successful. It’s proven that the likelyhood for success is 80% more when you have a plan due to the execution being simpler

  • Network

    Fitstack, Solid Office, SolidFit Professional and the Marketplace connect the Coach and Client experience.

Macro and Nutrition Finder
  • Meal Tracking

    Formulating health diets for their clients has never been easier. We have a database of meals that can be shared. Logging macros from meals can easily be done from the client’s dashboard.

  • Workouts

    Workouts can easily be created by the coach and sent to the client. Clients can follow through the exercises and the data is shown to the coach in real time.



Unlike using pdfs, docs, or other forms of content for distribution, program development is strictly within the platform. Any distribution on SolidFit is app-to-app therefore eliminating the possibility of rebranding and redistribution.


All payment handling goes through a two-step authentication method and we are PCI compliant. All connected accounts go through a verification process to ensure the best possible secuirty for your payment handling.


Don’t get entrapped working with the wrong client. Determine which clients you work with and eliminate improper use of your personal details by utilizing SolidFit email, instant chat, and video conferencing tools with your clients.