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For Coaches, Teams, Gyms

Easily build custom meal plans, training plans, programs with our 1 million plus database of items, meals, exercises, and meals. Connect with your clients through SolidFit Mail, Instant Chat, Phone Service, or Video Conferencing. Manage your clients billing and payments, send invoices, and view client analytics.

Open Marketplace

Drive financial growth with the marketplace. The SolidFit open marketplace allows you to submit meal plans, training plans, and programs for sale. Determine your own program price and make 100% of the sale revenue. Determine your support availability (Hands Off, Consulting, etc). Payment can be setup as one-time, subscription, and payment plan.

For Clients & Individuals

Maximize the effeciency of managing your fitness life through our collection of fitness applications. Find a program on the marketplace, easily plan and tack your macros and workouts, communicate with your coach, log your progress pics and stats to establish valuable data points as your drive towards reaching your goal.

Drive Your Business Forward

Use our powerful Business Intelligence System to manage your business and advanced client insights to determine the success and efficiency of your clients.

  • Busines Intelligence

    Power your management decisions with your busniess intelligence data points.

  • Client Insights

    We provide the effeciency of your clients as they progress with macro and exercise details.

  • Automated Time Management

    We track the time you spend with each client as you use our instant chat, phone, or video conferencing services..

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Advanced Program Builder

Our program builder goes beyond just the million items and exercies for input. It provides analytics for the built plan to help you determine if the program meets the targetd goal.

Easy-to-digest muscle group target charts for training plans to determine the amonut of focus on a particular muscle group. Helping to fix potential weak muscles for a better balanced and healthier body.

Show Meal Plan Analytics Show Training Plan Analytics
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  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "I have never seen anything like this."

    Daryl Gee, IFBB Pro.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "A true business-in-a-box solution for coaches to manage their life."

    Christina Williams, IFBB Pro & Founder LaBella.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "The marketplace allows me to capitalize on my followers and fitness expertise."

    Brittany Turcotte, NPC Competitor & Personal Coach

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